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Picture Of The Day : The Daily Pilgrimage In Jericoacoara, Brazil (En/Fr)

All over the world, sunsets are one of the most beautiful moments of any day.  However, in Jericoacoara, Brazil (affectionately known as Jeri), they take on an elevated intensity. Every evening, just as the sun starts to descend, practically the entire town begins the tiny pilgrimage up Jeri’s famous sand dune. This spot just so happens to boast one of the finest viewpoints for gazing at the sinking orb. Drink carts mixing up fresh fruit cocktails, line the waterfront below, beckoning you to carry up a frosty refreshment to accompany the days end. With our arms officially twisted, we obliged and carried our drink up to the top.

It’s unusual to be able to see such a spectacular sunset on the east coast but Jeri manages to pull it off with ease and in full splendor. The sun looms large here and it’s one of the few mass group events that we truly enjoyed. When else do you get to sit atop a sand dune with an entire village and watch the sunset?  After watching the main event is almost as enjoyable as seeing the sun setting itself. Applause breaks out from every side followed by cheers and I even spotted a few fist pumps!  Everyone has a different method for getting down the dune. Some running fast, others glide down, head first, on sandboards.  However you get up or down, it just matters that you are there. It is one of those shared moments with strangers (both tourists and locals) who have gathered for one beautiful reason.  It is this collective energy in the air which makes the sunset in Jeri that much more magical and spectacular.

Partout dans le monde, Le coucher de soleil est le plus beau moment de la journée. Cependant, à Jericoacoara, Brésil (affectueusement appelé Jeri) ils prennent une plus grande intensité. Chaque soir, lorsque le soleil commence à descendre, pratiquement tout le village entame le petit pèlerinage la célèbre dune de sable de Jeri. Des chariots sont présents le long du bord de mer où des vendeurs vous proposent cocktails et fruits frais à emporter pour les déguster en accompagnant la fin du jour.
Il est rare de pouvoir voir un coucher de soleil aussi spectaculaire sur la côte Est, mais à Jeri il arrive à prendre toute sa splendeur. Et il est également rare que nous apprécions des évènements regroupant autant de personnes. Mais où ailleurs dans le monde pouvez-vous vous assoir en haut d’une dune avec un village entier et regarder un coucher de soleil? Et une fois que le soleil se couche des applaudissements éclatent de toutes parts. Puis chacun a sa méthode pour descendre la dune. Certains courent, d’autres roulent ou utilisent un sandboard.
C’est toute cette énergie collective qui rend le coucher de soleil à Jeri aussi magique et spectaculaire.

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